Do you drink water with your meals?

Do you drink water with your meals? Try to avoid it! It damages your health. Here is why:

When we consume liquids whilst eating the following occurs:

  • The food is usually not chewed properly; this puts additional strain on the stomach as food is pushed much more quickly to it.
  • Saliva is alkaline and contains important enzymes for digestion of carbohydrates and if washed into the stomach quickly, it loses its properties in the acidic environment.
  • Water is alkaline and it neutralises stomach acid. Low stomach acid means more bacteria will survive and cause damage inside us. Low stomach acid doesn’t activate the intrinsic factor which is responsible for vitamin B12 absorption. Minerals, carbohydrates and proteins are not extracted and/or processed optimally for the body to use, these result in fermentation, gas production, in amino acid and mineral deficiency, which is linked to many health issues.
  • Much more food is consumed than is necessary to satisfy. The volume of the stomach is about 350ml per person when un-stretched, but due to excess food consumption, this can be increased. Anatomically, immediately behind the stomach is the pancreas. When the stomach is extended, the additional volume begins to squeeze and breaks the microcirculation in the pancreas. This creates an unpleasant and overworking situation for it. While eating it is not recommended to wash down with plentiful liquid, but 100-150ml of a naturally acidic drink can be drunk.

Here is what you could drink with your meal, or soon after:

  • Wine.
  • Hot water with squeezed half of lemon and some ginger.
  • Digestive tea.
  • Warm juice diluted with water 50/50, but not more than 100-150ml.

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