PeriMeno WHAT?

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6th June - 11th July 2022, 7.00pm - 8.00pm
Open to all

A 6-week online peri-menopause hormone and woman’s health retreat experience taking an empowered lifestyle approach to managing the pieces of the peri menopause puzzle.

We’ll follow a nutritional, physical and emotional support plan for your hormonal health. We will learn about our nutrient needs specifically around the changes women experience durning peri-menopause with Kristina Carman (Nutritional Therapist, Naturopathic Doctor, Health Coach & Yoga Instructor).

We’ll then move with Vicki Causer (Women’s PT and Pelvic Health Expert) from Real Strong Women while we learn why we exercise, why it matters and what we as women need in order sustain healthy movement long term.

We’ll learn about our magnificent cyclical nature as wonder women from the incredible Adele Wimsett (Women’s Health Practitioner & DoTerra oils Practitioner ) from Harmonise You, where we’ll discover the tools we need to understand our cyclical nature, manage stress, understand self care look and look after our emotional and physical wellbeing in our increasingly complicated lives.

Every week on Monday at 7pm (for about an hour) via Zoom, there will be a live discussion and presentation with Adele, Kristina and Vicki present and each week will have a different topic. These will also be recorded so you can watch in your own time. Within a private portal on MyEventCafe, you will find all the information, videos, recipes, plans and guidance you need that week to help you implement the PeriMeno plan of action!

Week 1

Zoom live 7PM: Intro and orienteering, intention setting. How to use oils/supplements, cyclical living, intro to movement.

Support throughout the week: Meditation to balance/calm, strength training session 1, smoothie making and more! 

Week 2

Zoom live 7PM: Biology of menopause, linking symptoms with science, hormone 101.

Support throughout the week: Gratitude practice, strength training session 2, yoga heart opening, psyche and soul circle (optional Zoom).

Week 3

Zoom live 7PM: Exercise and movement - why it matters, when to do it and what kind.

Support throughout the week: Strength training session 3, self-care activities. 

Week 4

Zoom live 7PM: Diet/nutrition, supplements and gut health.

Support throughout the week: Strength training session 4, yoga session, meditation and breath work. 

Week 5

Zoom live 7PM: The psyche and soul of perimeno-stress/self-care/sex.

Support throughout the week: Strength training session 5, HPA AXIS yoga session, pelvic floor, vaginas and sex. 

Week 6 

Closing and reflections, next steps. 

Note: You can the option of adding on DoTerra essential oils and/or a Nutri Advance natural perimenopause supplement kits to guide you through the retreat. Please email if you’d like to know more.

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Hosted by Kristina Carman

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