First foods course - weaning

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Manchester, M20 1DD

Starting your baby on solids can be a challenging time. This course aims to give parents the confidence to start and the knowledge to give their child the best possible start with food. The course is delivered by a registered nutritionist who has been running this course since 2012. With two children of her own and lots of experience with other families, she can give examples which work in practice as well as the theory.

The course covers:

  • signs your baby is ready for solids
  • first weaning foods
  • what your child needs whilst they are under two
  • food safety and hygiene
  • equipment you might need
  • dealing with fussy eating
  • pre-prepared foods
  • portion sizes
  • healthy snacks
  • three 90 minute sessions. £45 per parent for the course.

Courses are run regularly once enough participants have registered. Up to six adults on each course.

Previous attendees said:

“Provides you with all information needed to confidently wean your baby” - Sarah, Didsbury

“Very informative. Practical but strongly evidenced based” - Mum, Manchester

"Really informative, very encouraging. Easy to ask questions, very collaborative” - Imelda, Stockport

“I highly recommend Aliya’s course. Very engaging and a much easier way to take in the information than reading websites and parenting forums, which tend to give slightly conflicting information. The other half and I both enjoyed the sessions, and I felt more confident with my decisions afterwards. My baby’s 12 months old now and we still refer back to her notes sometimes. I also liked the personalised approach that took into account the foods we liked” - Mum, Manchester

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Hosted by Aliya Porter

Aliya is a registered nutritionist which means she has a degree in nutrition as well as experience working in the field of nutrition. She has met the requirements of knowledge and experience set by the association for nutrition. She has over 10 years' experience and has been running this course since 2012 with many families.