Eating well for menopause

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Nutritionists and trainees

This training course has been developed for nutrition and healthcare professionals who are, or may be working with women around the age of menopause.

The course provides:

  • ​Up-to-date evidence and research on the impact on women’s health around and after menopause in terms of bone health and heart health.
  • Information on the impact of menopause on body weight, mood, sleep, skin and hair. 
  • Clarification of some myths and marketing messages regarding specific diets and herbal remedies that are often promoted as remedies for menopausal symptoms. 
  • A list of useful resources and further reading.

This activity has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) for the continual professional development of nutrition professionals. This AfN quality assurance mark identifies this activity as a reputable, evidence-based training in nutrition science.

The current price for this one-hour course is £25.

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Hosted by Dr Laura Wyness

Dr Laura Wyness has a PhD in public health nutrition. She also has experience working in academic research, public health policy, food innovation and nutrition communications. Laura has appeared on several BBC nutrition programmes and enjoys using her knowledge and experience to communicate nutrition science in a clear and engaging way.


Hosted by Dr Laura Wyness

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