Breaking intergenerational rules: Diet, exercise and body image

8th July 2024, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Open to all

 My parents never allowed me to eat sweets and chocolates as a child so now I find these foods difficult to manage.

I am desperate not to impart diet culture onto my children, but then I feel confused about how to help them eat healthily and sometimes I think they eat too much!

Hosted by Laura Greenwood and Breaking The Rules

Parents, grandparents, extended network of family and friends, as well as cultural expectations all shape how we care for ourselves, manage and perceive our bodies and health.

While so much of what we learn from family can be deeply nourishing (learning to bake a cake or lay the table, have fun at a sport or enjoy clothes that make us feel whole), we can take on unhelpful, damaging beliefs and behaviours from family members.

Our clients often share complex difficulties they have taken on from family and are left with fundamental struggles around self-care, self-nourishment and being their whole selves.

This panel webinar is a wonderful opportunity to learn about these intergenerational difficulties and consider changes to move forward positively.

It is aimed at anyone and everyone who has any intergenerational difficulties regarding food, body and exercise.  As well as adult children who are working towards breaking these intergenerational difficulties for themselves, the webinar is also aimed at current or future parents and grandparents who are keen to break difficult cycles for their own children or grandchildren.

What to expect from the webinar

The webinar will be a fun, insightful, gentle and challenging time to:

  • Understand what are unhelpful generational patterns around food, body and exercise.
  • Connect to your own personal generational patterns around these matters.
  • Find strength, safety and understanding to break these unhelpful patterns and move forward in a more free, connected, confident body-centred way.

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Hosted by Marissa-Catherine Carrarini

Laura Greenwood    Laura is a psychotherapist with over 16 years experience working with people experiencing a range of Mental Health and Wellbeing difficulties. She has a wonderful specialism working with parents to help them thrive within themselves.    The Breaking The Rules Team: Natalie Chambers and marissa-catherine carrarini  Nata

Hosted by Marissa-Catherine Carrarini