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Health and wellness is often a goal for many of us on 1st January but, unlike previous years, it might not stay for the duration. Not this year.

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Our emotional and physical well-being has been at the forefront of many people’s minds for a while now. As we’re sadly unable to maximise our usual wellness resources, such as hugging family and friends or re-balancing in a weekly yoga class, we’re having to use what we have at home to create equilibrium.

So, whilst this might be the most typical January of all time, we’ve teamed up with RED January – an initiative that encourages regular movement every day to support mental health – and we’ll be bringing you weekly webinars throughout the month to help you on your way in 2021. To find the full schedule and register for free, visit Happiful.com.

In the second webinar of the series, we spoke with naturopathic nutritional therapist and health coach, Claudine Thornhill about prioritising nutrition as part of your self-care practice, solo self-care and practising self-care as a stretched parent or carer.

Claudine, a holistic practitioner, takes influence from her Jamaican Grandmother, who had an innate and infinite knowledge of food and herbs, and how they can support certain conditions. These early conversations fuelled Claudine’s interest in prioritising food to support whole-body health. In navigating her own physical and emotional issues and learning to prioritise happiness, Claudine’s career in HR took a different path, retraining in naturopathic nutrition and setting up a clinic in London.

Underpinning her work is the belief that both health and wellness are fundamental to living a wholehearted life, and to realise our true potential. She says, “Health and wellness is a key foundation for that.”

In this webinar, we discuss the concept of self-care, particularly self-care for overstretched parents or carers, how to re-appraise what’s on your plate and ask for help, solo self-care in relation to self-esteem and finding happiness in new communities and setting a bare minimum, a baseline of self-care. We talk all things nutrition, ensuring we have stable and balanced energy levels to support ourselves, finding the value in eating seasonally and the importance of water and variety.

Finally, we touch on sharing the responsibility of good nutrition and encouraging community inspiration if you do live on your own. 

If you’d like to listen to this webinar, you can do so here:

Looking for some external support to help you prioritise wellness and nutrition? Learn more about the role of nutritional therapy and find a therapist to support you.

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Written by Katie Hoare

Katie is a writer for Nutritionist Resource.

Written by Katie Hoare

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