How to stay healthy on holiday

Your bags are packed and you’re all checked in. You think of the warm sun, the beach, the all-inclusive service and the adventures you’re about to have.

Man in a hammock on a beach over looking the sea

Suddenly you’re hit with panic and stress – how can you stay on track while on holiday?

Some of us are happy to completely shut off from our real lives and indulge on holiday, and that’s great. But for those of us who want to stay healthy on holiday (well, as healthy as possible) we’ve put together our five top tips to help staying on-track seem less daunting.

Start well

Start your holiday on the right food with healthy snacks for the flight. Plane food is OK but it’s not always the most nutritious. So, if you want to stay on track, take food with you.

We’re all a little confused when waking up at 3am for the airport, so many of us will pick up chocolate, biscuits and treats for the flight, out of excitement (and tiredness!). Prepare your snacks beforehand, maybe an almond, dark chocolate and fruit trail mix, or a nutritious salad, with hummus and veggie crudites.

If you have time, sit down for a nice breakfast of eggs or porridge at one of the restaurants. If you’ve got a short flight, this should see you through. If you’re on a longer journey, it’ll boost your energy and keep you fuller for longer, ready to enjoy your snacks a few hours in.


Of course, we mean throughout the holiday and particularly while you’re in the sun. But also hydrate on the flight over – having a glass of water every hour can prevent dehydration, keep your skin plump and help fight any close-contact nasties lurking on the plane.

Speaking of drinks! Choose your drinks wisely. Most of us like a cocktail or two while by the pool, but it’s easy to get carried away. Enjoy your favourite drink (we love a pina colada), but try to pick up a bottle of water with every order to stay hydrated. And if you’re wanting the healthier drink option, swap your margarita for a mojito, or skip the fruit juice mixer and choose soda water!

Listen to your body

If you want to indulge, indulge. It’s a holiday after all. But your body will tell you if it’s full and can’t take another plate from the buffet. If you’re trying to stay healthy on holiday, stick to one plate/a la carte restaurants and ask for a side of veggies with your main.

Get moving

If you’re really keen, make use of the hotel gym and embrace the jet lag. If you’re waking up at 6am and your travel buddies are sound asleep, throw on your gym gear and enjoy the peace. On the other hand, not all of us want to enter a gym on holiday (and we don’t blame you!). There are many ways you can get moving on holiday, without it feeling like exercise.

Instead of renting a car, walk everywhere or pick up a bike! It’s a great way to explore your destination while moving your body. Book some excursions and enjoy a hike up a mountain, go swimming in the sea or play volleyball on the beach. You’ll be making memories and enjoying your holiday, without thinking it’s exercise!

Most importantly, relax

We live incredibly busy lives and a holiday is your time away from the hustle and bustle. Don’t stress if you’re not sticking to your usual routine of eating well and going to the gym five times a week. Chances are, your body needs this time to relax and you’ll feel even more motivated when you get home. Enjoy your holiday, take the time to catch-up on sleep, eat well and explore a new culture. You will flourish.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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