Eating healthy made easy

When you make the decision to eat better and invest in your health and well-being, the next steps can be daunting. Many of us will feel overwhelmed. We’ve jumped on this journey, not knowing where to start and making unreachable goals.

eating healthy made easy - our tips

We understand that, sometimes, you need a friend to support and guide you through the first steps. That’s where we come in! Below we share our top tips for making eating healthy easy, without pressure and without stress.

Choose crunchy

Crunchy snacks are the most satisfying. Our mouths enjoy the crunch and the crunchier the food, the more you chew and the slower you eat. Taking your time to chew food gives your body time to register the satisfaction, helping you feel fuller quicker. Though crunchy snacks do not mean crisps – choose apples, celery, carrot sticks and nuts.

Prepare your meals

We love to prepare our lunches, especially for the work day! But it really can make life a lot easier. You know exactly what you’re eating and you feel proud that you’ve been so organised. When you’ve got your week planned, it saves time and keeps you on track – say goodbye to being tempted by the office biscuit tin!

Check the label

While it may sound delicious, it may not be very good for you. Our trick is to look at the label before adding to your basket. If there is a list of ingredients you have never heard of, it’s probably not good news. Try to choose fresh fruit and vegetables, and limit processed foods. You’ll be surprised at the items that have unnecessary added ingredients – added sugar in bread anyone?

Bring your holiday home

We’ve all heard of the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, but not all of us will put this to practice. We know, England isn’t quite like a Greek island, but a plate of fresh, colourful vegetables, grilled fish and a drizzling of olive oil, houmous or feta, will take you right back to the warmth. Plus, the heart-healthy fats and antioxidants found in many Mediterranean foods are believed to help lower the risk of heart disease and keep you slim.

If in doubt, drink water!

Another favourite of ours, but water is so important. Keeping your body well-hydrated ensures it’s working properly, but also curbs the feeling of hunger. Many of us mistake thirst and dehydration for hunger, so we eat. If you feel you might be hungry, try drinking some water first and see how you feel. If the feeling persists, it’s likely you are hungry, so grab a snack or one of the meals you’ve prepped.

Treat yourself

We’re only human and being too hard on yourself can often push you off the waggon. The trick is not to worry too much about it! There is nothing wrong with wanting to go out for dinner with friends, or picking dessert as well as a starter. We like to follow the 80:20 rule, where 80% of the time we are eating well and moving our body and 20% of the time, we allow ourselves to do what we would like to do – whether that’s eating a chocolate bar or spending all day in bed watching TV.

The best way to ‘stay on track’ is to remember that healthy eating isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life and one treat every now and then isn’t going to harm your progress. When eating healthy and exercise is something you enjoy, it’ll become a habit and natural. Ease off the stress and start enjoying the journey!

If you’re finding yourself making excuses with your fitness regime, due to the very chilly weather, take a look at our winter fitness: tips to beat the chill.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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