New year intentions

We love a list and love ticking off our achievements even more, so this year, we’re scrapping New Year’s resolutions and instead, jumping on the intention-setting bandwagon.

New year intention-setting

Instead of resolutions, which are usually followed by disappointment, we plan to reflect on our past achievements, recognise what didn’t go to plan and set new goals.

Today, set aside some time to sit and reflect. Think about what you intend to do this year and write them down. In fact, shout about it! If you tell your friends and family about your goals, you’re more likely to reach them. We know it can be scary, but you can be held accountable for your aims and your loved ones will support you along the way.

If you feel you can’t tell people you know, tell people you don’t! Social media and the wellness industry are very much connected – perhaps set up an Instagram account dedicated to your journey and join a community. Like-minded people will be available to motivate you when you’re having a bad day and remind you that even the smallest step is a step in the right direction.

Below we share some of our own intentions to help you get started.

This year, I intend to…

… try a range of new exercise – this year I am going to try every class at my gym!

… get back into my routine of morning workouts. It makes me feel so much better when I get out of bed and move my body. I also want to be more mindful about what I’m eating – resisting office treats for one!

… focus on myself and try new things – my goals have changed and, this year, I want to book a PT session and improve my strength and be brave enough to join a class!

… prepare my meals in advance. I spend so much money on food and I often feel unwell afterwards. If I prep my meals beforehand, I spend less and feel great!

… learn more about my body and how my diet can improve! Nutrition fascinates me and I intend to improve my knowledge. I would like to find a nutrition professional who can help me, inspire me and support me.

… get outside more. I intend to spend more time outside, walking the dog or wandering the countryside, exploring places, such as the National Trust. We spend so much time at work, in the car or even the gym, I want to breathe the air and appreciate a technology-free zone.

… ease off the pressure! I spend so much time looking at other people, comparing myself that I forget nobody else matters. I want to keep working on building my own self-love, instead of focusing on others.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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