Unconscious snacking

Are you at the gym non-stop, eating healthy or in an endless cycle of diets, but still not losing weight? You may be falling victim to your own unconscious habits:

unconscious eating

Eating on autopilot

Many of us eat on autopilot. We have set habits and have programmed our minds to link eating with certain times. It is easy to eat out of habit, even if you are not hungry, often midday hits and we think we need to have lunch. Or you may hit the 3pm slump and reach for a chocolate bar, because you need a quick sugar fix.

Humans like routine, we work in routine and for many years we have picked, grazed and snacked on foods out of boredom or because it is “time to eat”.

Grazing and snacking isn’t necessarily a bad thing, having a healthy snack mid-morning can provide you with plenty of energy and help you stop snacking on unhealthier foods later in the day, however if you are eating mindlessly, you may be stopping yourself from losing that weight.

Finding it hard to say no

When we are offered food, it is common for us to say yes out of fear we will disappoint or appear rude. When you’ve started a new gym routine and your partner brings home a “Friday night treat” in the form of a chocolate bar, you don’t have to eat it right there and then.

Try not to say yes if you do not want what is being offered to you. If you explain your situation, your friends and family may even join in and support you. Let them know your plans rather than eating out of guilt.

Do you graze?

It is common for people to graze and snack when watching TV, at the cinema or chatting away with your work colleagues. Eating while concentrating on something else means your brain struggles to know when you are full. If you feel hungry, drink some water beforehand. Many people mistake the feeling of hunger when actually they are dehydrated. If you do want a snack, that’s OK, but remember to stop every now and then to assess how hungry you are.

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Written by Ellen Hoggard

Ellen is the Content Manager for Memiah and writer for Nutritionist Resource and Happiful magazine.

Written by Ellen Hoggard

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