Hangover healthy eating

You have a headache, you don’t want to eat and you want to hide in bed, never to face to world. Instead of wallowing, try some of the following:

Mood boosting foods to brighten your day

Lemon water

Fizzy drinks and that appealing cup of coffee won’t make you feel better. Try instead a cold glass of water with fresh lemon. Staying hydrated will make you feel 100% and the lemon will bring your metabolism back to life.

Fresh smoothies

If the idea of food repulses you, opt for a smoothie with loads of berries. The berries provide antioxidants, making you feel more awake and the natural sugars will provide you a lot more energy.


Eggs and brown toast are a great start to the day when feeling sorry for yourself. Acetaldehyde is causing your hangover and eggs are high in amino acid, known to break down the horrible feeling. Bread releases carbs slowly; choosing brown or wholegrain is the better option for an energy boost rather than the fizzy drink you keep thinking about.

The evening after your long day can still have you feeling strange and not wanting much food. While there have been recommendations to not drink again for at least two days, new research has found that the body needs up to two weeks to recover fully.


Keep drinking water for the next few days. The aftermath of a heavy drinking session may leave you feeling weak, but it is important to keep eating healthily. Have a banana to boost your mood.


You may start to feel a lot better, but your concentration may still be low. Zinc is brain enhancing and pumpkin seeds are rich in it. Snack on these or add them to your lunch.

Orange juice is good to have after a day or two. If you drink it straight away, it will add to the work your liver is doing trying to get rid of all the alcohol. Vitamin C is important and great to introduce back into your diet the next morning.

In terms of spicy food, it is advised to avoid any of these until your stomach is back to its full health. Chilli is great for boosting metabolism, like the orange juice, it is best to start eating spices a couple of days after the hard night.

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Written by Ellen Lees
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Written by Ellen Lees
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