Seven green superfoods to add to your diet

Looking back on your childhood years, you might have been repulsed when Brussels sprouts, spinach or broccoli found their way on to your plate. You were not alone. Many children would leave their greens until last, trying to avoid eating them altogether.

Seven green superfoods to add to your diet

But now we know the benefits of eating a balanced diet. So take a look at the following nutrient-packed green foods if you are struggling for ideas on what to add to your diet:

1. Avocados

Avocados pack around 690mg of potassium, compared with a meagre 420mg in a banana. This means it’s the perfect post-workout snack to combat muscles cramps. The natural fats may also help improve cholesterol levels and decrease inflammation.

2. Apples

An apple a day can help keep the doctor away! Eating apples can help lower cholesterol and fight obesity. Of course, all apples aren’t green, but the red and yellow ones are just as healthy.

3. Kale

Kale seems to be flavour of the month in celebrity diets. There’s a reason for that. It offers calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K.

4. Spinach

Like kale, spinach is full of vitamins A and C, as well as plenty of fibre.

5. Nopales

Nopales provide a great source of fibre. It’s a cactus plant that is also rich in vitamins C and A. According to the journal Diabetes Care, it could also help lower your blood sugar.

6. Brussels sprouts

These small veggies might not have been your favourite food on your plate as a child, but they do offer plenty of vitamins A and C. They also offer a nice amount of fibre to boot.

7. Pistachios

Although they aren’t a fruit or vegetable, pistachios offer a number of great health benefits. They offer healthy doses of protein and fibre to help you reach your daily amount.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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