Top tips to master clean eating

Unfortunately, in today’s society many of us are eating too many highly processed foods that have very little nutritional value.

Vitamin deficiency could be linked to weight gain

Over Christmas, consumption of fatty, sugary foods and drinks doubles, and this is why January often marks an opportunity to embark on a cleaner diet of whole, naturally sourced foods.

So what exactly is clean eating and why does it matter so much?

Making a conscious effort to eat clean means you are fuelling your body with nutritional foods that help to boost your health and wellness from the inside out. Highly processed foods can make you feel sluggish and bloated, but whole foods keep your digestive system running smoothly.

Top tips to master clean eating 

1) Focus on your primary goal

Eating clean can seem unappealing, but focusing on a primary goal can keep you motivated. Many people choose a healthier diet to feel more energised and happier, while others want to lose weight and/or lower their risk of disease. Having a clear goal in mind can make the simplest of foods more appealing.

2) Shop mindfully

If you find yourself rushing through your weekly shop, it is likely you are missing the point of clean eating. Taking your time to consider recipes and choose a range healthy fruits and vegetables will make you more appreciative of the selection on offer, and will help you to avoid reaching for unhealthy, fast-foods.

3) Learn the value of nutrients

Understanding how nutrients work in your body can also boost your appreciation for clean eating. A nutritionist can help you to identify the foods that can enhance your health and well-being and this will make a big difference to your overall relationship with food.

4) Recognise and be inspired by the changes

Seeing the effects of clean eating on your body can be incredibly inspiring. Make note of how much better you feel in the morning, or maybe how much less your joints ache. You may also notice a difference in your energy levels, and how, rather than feeling sleepy in the afternoon, you are more productive and alert than ever. Reminding yourself of the benefits of clean eating will boost your motivation.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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