Your guide to healthy eating on holiday

For many of us, the idea of going on holiday means plenty of relaxation, little exercise and lots (and lots) of eating.

Eating with other people is fattening

In fact, food plays an important role in the cultural experience of visiting a new place, and for those who have spent months dieting in a bid to look good on the beach, being on holiday is the perfect opportunity to indulge after all the hard work.

However, making the most of being away does not have to mean coming home with a few extra pounds. There are ways to enjoy comfortable indulgence without it playing havoc with your weight and ultimately your health.

See below for our quick guide to eating healthier on holiday:

Make sensible choices at the buffet

All-inclusive deals are good value for your money, but often this means being presented with a buffet of generous helpings morning and night. To avoid a blowout, consider healthier breakfast options such as wholegrain cereal, poached eggs on toast and natural yoghurt instead of choosing fat-laden pastries or bacon. In the evening, make sure you only eat one plate of food and resist going up for seconds. Treat yourself to dessert but try opting for fruit instead of cheesecake.

Drink lots of water

Keeping hydrated is vital in hot climates, but as well as replacing water losses, drinking regular amounts of water will also help to keep hunger at bay. Too often hunger is confused with thirst, and we end up over-eating as a result.

Cut down on the cocktails

Alcohol is a popular indulgence on holiday but it is a prime culprit of weight gain. Colourful, sugary and creamy drinks such as cocktails are among the most calorific choices – alongside beer and cider – so limit these throughout your holiday and opt for light spirits and low calorie mixed drinks instead.

Say no to the bread basket

While it is OK on occasion, tucking in to a complimentary bread basket at every meal is going to send your calorie intake soaring. Consuming two thick slices of bread and a helping of olive oil means you are likely to be eating around 50% of the calories of your meal – before it has even arrived. Furthermore bread is bloating and can leave you feeling really uncomfortable. This is not ideal for beach body confidence.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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