Mobile phone apps revolutionise diabetes care

A decade ago, effective diabetes care tended to be a rather complicated and involved process – requiring lots of hands-on support from healthcare professionals and a great deal of responsibility on behalf of the sufferer and their close friends and family.

Mobile phone apps revolutionise diabetes care

Today however, with the advancement of knowledge and medication managing the condition is a lot easier. One particular area that is influencing this is technology. With the advent of technology our lives have improved, but now technological advances have also revolutionised diabetes care – helping to reshape the way sufferers think about and manage the condition.

All sufferers need to ensure they can keep a check on their health and diabetes is their mobile phone – and one of the specially designed apps for diabetes management. See below for some of the best ones available right now:


Mysugr is a comprehensive platform that functions as a game – giving users points for completing essential diabetes management tasks. These include recording meals, checking blood glucose levels and keeping a log of daily activities.

The aim of Mysugr is to make diabetes management fun and educational, and encourage users to actively enjoy looking after their health. The company has even released a kid’s version, which incorporates the gaming aspect and helps to build good habits for future diabetes care.


GoMeals is a blood glucose level tracker app. It allows users to track what they eat and their physical activity throughout the day, and shows them how these things affect their blood glucose levels. A particularly beneficial element is the ability to tag activity and food entries with BGL readings, which can make monitoring blood glucose levels even easier.

The app also enables users to make their diabetes care regimen social by sharing updates on Facebook and Twitter. This can help friends and family to keep users accountable.

Carbs and Cals

Diabetic sufferers need to keep an eye on their carbohydrate consumption as these foods can influence insulin dosage. The Carbs and Cals app has been effectively designed to help make this specific part of diabetes care a great deal easier. Featuring a library of food images along with portion sizes, carbohydrates, calories, and other nutritional information, this app makes counting carbohydrates more efficient. Users can also upload images of their food to add to the worldwide database.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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