Dieting pitfalls to avoid over Christmas

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This time of year is gluttonous by nature; it is usually reserved as time to sit back, relax and indulge before another year starts again. If you’re keen to do this without gaining weight however, you’ll need to make a few changes. So far, we’ve given you tips for a healthier Christmas and some snacking swaps to consider – now we’re going to tell you what not to do.


1. Forget the calories in drinks

It is all too easy to become preoccupied with food over the festive period, so much so that we often forget about liquid calories. Even if you’re eating well, if you are glugging down eggnog and syrupy coffees by the bucket load – chances are you’ll still gain weight. Instead of drinking these typically fattening drinks, try champagne over eggnog and festive flavoured coffee beans over high-sugar syrups.


2. Snack on sweets

Easier said than done we know (here at Nutritionist Resource we already have a tin of roses open in the staff room). Rather than snacking on biscuits and sweets, indulge in dark chocolate, nuts and berries for a festive yet nutritional snack.


3. Overuse fattening dips

As virtuous as you may feel for eating crudité, if it is smothered in calorific dip you could be undoing all your good work. Instead, try to stick to tomato based dips or guacamole which is full of healthy fats from avocados.


4. Spend too long looking at the buffet table

Often, the mere sight and smell of a table groaning with festive treats is enough to set off a hunger pang. If you are headed to a party, try not to spend too long staring at the food – instead, head to another room and focus on socialising until it is time to eat.


5. Eat too much low fibre food

Most Christmas food is very high in calories but very low in fibre. This means we feel we need to eat more of it to feel full. To combat this, try eating a fibre-rich healthy meal before going out for a festive feast. This will allow you to eat less, but not go hungry.


6. Get overwhelmed by choice

As tempting as it is to try everything on offer, by tasting every dish available you could be consuming an extra 400 calories you don’t need. Instead only eat dishes you really fancy and resist the urge to taste test the rest.

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Written by Katherine

Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Nutritionist Resource and Happiful magazine.
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