Enjoy the festive season without compromising your waistline

Enjoy the festive season without compromising your waistline

Don’t deny yourself; indulge sensibly for a healthier Christmas.

If you dread Christmas and all the temptations it brings, this is the year to think differently and indulge smartly. By making sensible choices, you can eat and drink what you like without compromising your health or your waistline.

First of all, don’t give up before you’ve started. Many men and women who are watching their weight admit defeat when the festive season begins, thinking, ‘oh I’ll put on weight whatever I do, I might as well eat everything in sight.’ But all this does is set you up for failure.

Instead, try to look at Christmas differently. Rather than putting all your attention on the indulgent food and drink available – think about what Christmas is really about, spending time with your friends and family. This being said – of course, food is a big part of Christmas, but you needn’t deny yourself. Just make a few smarter choices:

Go for quality over quantity

Avoid kids’ selection boxes and enjoy a couple of dark chocolate truffles instead. Rather than low-fat, plastic-looking cheese, nibble on high quality blue cheese. By opting for the richer, high quality treats you should find you aren’t eating as much and what you do eat will be far more beneficial to your health.

Moderation is key

If you tell yourself you aren’t going to eat any holiday treats this year – chances are you’ll cave after a glass of bubbly and overeat. Instead, allow yourself to eat anything you want – in moderation. Watch those portion sizes and eat mindfully to fully experience and enjoy the flavours.

Keep up the exercise routine

Even if your gym is closed over Christmas, be sure to exercise regularly. Get the whole family involved and go for winter walks or practice some yoga to relieve stress. Keeping your body moving will not only help you stay in the healthy mindset, it will help to reduce stress levels during what can be a very stressful period.

Don’t panic if you do overeat

It happens. The trick is knowing how to react to the situation when it happens. Take a look at our previous blog post to find out what to do if you overindulge.

Thinking about overhauling your diet over Christmas or in the New Year? Find out how a nutritionist could help you make healthy choices over on our healthy eating page.

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Written by Katherine

Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Nutritionist Resource and Happiful magazine.
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