Four reasons to give raw food a go

Four reasons to give raw food a goFind out why adding more raw food to your diet could benefit both your health and your happiness.

If you are interested in nutrition, chances are you have already heard about the raw food movement. ‘Rawtarians’ do not eat anything cooked above 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.6 degrees Celsius) and eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

While to many this may sound like another dieting fad, there is solid science backing up the movement – and while eating only raw foods is not entirely necessary, adding more raw foods to your diet can be extremely beneficial to your health. Take a look at our top reasons for eating more raw food:

1. It keeps you young

Raw food contains enzymes – which are essential for every chemical reaction within the body. These enzymes are also linked to ageing – and the more enzymes we have in our body, the younger we look and feel. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures over 42 degrees Celsius, so are only present in raw foods.

2. It strengthens your immune system

When we eat a cooked meal, something called leukocytosis occurs. In simple terms, this is a low-grade immune response that the body actions when it wants to fight something it perceives as an invader. When we eat raw food, this doesn’t happen. This means the immune system has time to get stronger when we eat raw foods and is better able to fight viruses when they occur.

3. It makes you happier

Neurotransmitters in the gut and brain are inextricably linked and are constantly sending messages back and forth. The gut also has more serotonin receptors than the brain. Both of these facts mean that, put simply, the better we treat our gut – the better we feel.

4. It tastes great

Yes, really! The genre is constantly progressing with more and more food combinations and recipes being created to make raw food as tasty as cooked foods. As there is no cooking process, flavours can really shine through – and because your diet is so healthy, you can afford to indulge in the odd treat without guilt.

If you want to learn more about nutrition and what different foods can do for you, take a look at our Nutrition Topics.

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Written by Katherine
Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Nutritionist Resource and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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