What to eat after a workout

What to eat after a workoutYou’ve made the effort to get out there and exercise – now how do you make sure you refuel your body for optimum results?

Nutrition is so important when it comes to building muscle, getting fit or losing weight. You can exercise all you like but if you don’t eat the right things, you’ll either burn out or put on weight.

The risk post work-out is eating too much of the wrong food. It’s easy to feel like you deserve a treat because you worked so hard, but eating badly after the gym could really hamper your chances of reaching your goal.

Sports nutrition doesn’t have to be a minefield. Here are some tasty snack ideas for refuelling your body post-workout:

Protein popcorn

Marta Montenegro is an exercise physiologist who created the get fit DVD series ‘The Montenegro Method’. She says her favourite post-workout snack is a small bag of low fat popcorn sprinkled with chocolate flavoured whey protein powder. Popcorn is supposed to be one of the best sources of whole-grain, helping to replenish glycogen storage in the body (this assists muscles with recovery).

Almond butter apples

Apple slices spread with almond butter make for a filling, sweet protein snack that builds muscles and replenishes energy stores after a difficult workout. According to fitness DVD star Tamilee Webb, the sweet apple teamed with the salty crunch of almond butter makes for a delicious, cheap and quick post work-out snack.

Greek yoghurt with honey

Celebrity trainer Amy Dixon says: “I love this snack because it’s nutrient-dense and has just the right amount of digestible protein to help restore and repair your muscles right after a workout.” Greek yoghurt is thick, creamy and packed with protein – making it delicious as well as good for you.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain a variety of nutrients, including magnesium, iron, potassium and vitamin B6, C and D.  A medium-sized sweet potato is around 100 calories, with no fat and 2g of protein. The carbohydrate will boost recently drained energy levels and provide a yummy boost after an intense workout. Wrap in foil, bake in the oven and serve with greens and spicy chicken for a well-balanced dinner.

For more information about post-workout nutrition, please visit our Sports Nutrition page and find a qualified nutritionist near you.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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