Good news for chocaholics – first ‘healthy’ chocolate invented

Good news for chocolate loversIt all started with a mum, a passion for healthy eating and a blender. Today, it sounds like every chocaholic’s dream-come-true: a brand of nutrient-rich chocolate packed with ingredients proven to lower blood pressure and combat heart disease.

45-year-old Carey Davis-Munro decided she wanted her three children to enjoy sweet treats without compromising their health. So, instead of denying them what they wanted and making chocolate off-bounds, she began an experiment in her kitchen.

Could she formulate a chocolate recipe that had all the flavour but none of the bad stuff?

After playing around with different combinations of ingredients including maca, sunflower seeds, gingsen, carob and almonds, Carey finally discovered a winning formula.

She tried the new chocolates out on her friends and family and before she knew it, Carey had so many orders she was unable to meet the demand by herself.

The chocolates have since undergone a nutritional analysis to support her claims and have been found to be so high in omega 3, 6 and 9 that they out-weight the total fat content. They were also be found to be rich in zinc, magnesium and polyphenols, low in GI and full of Vitamin C.

“The chocolates were created just as much for adults as children and are about indulgence without the guilt. It’s not about dieting, calorie counting or self-denial. I wanted to create a heavenly food that is primarily tasty, mouth-watering and totally delicious, while at the same time providing maximum nourishment,” explained Carey.

The truffles are now being manufactured by Montezuma and sold at wholesalers including Infinity Foods and Garsons. It is hoped the truffles, branded ‘Nutritious Delicious Truffles’, will soon be available at larger supermarkets.

To discover more about the nutrients discussed in this article, please visit our Balanced Diet page .

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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