The beauty foods

The beauty foodsJust about everything you put in your mouth has an effect on your body – and not just on how it works, but also on how it looks.

We Brits spend billions on skin-care, hair-care and cosmetics every year – but as they say, ‘prevention is better than the cure’, and taking steps to prevent spots, dull skin, brittle hair, wrinkles, yellowing teeth and weight gain is more important than trying to hide them.

Keeping a healthy, balanced diet should be an essential part of your beauty regime.

Forget coating your hair in leave-in conditioner at night, or struggling with hair straighteners every morning – all you need is nature’s very own hair conditioner: egg. For glossy locks, start the day with a dippy egg, or for something a little more classy – a poached egg on toast. Eggs are extremely high in protein, something which is absolutely essential for healthy hair growth. They are also rich in biotin, otherwise known as vitamin H, which strengthens hair, improves texture and prevents breakage.

As for your skin – there’s no need for expensive night creams, day creams, anti-ageing creams or body lotions when you have a diet rich in protein and omega 3 from oily fish. Salmon is a favourite with the nutritionists. Low in saturated fat and high in all the good, energising nutrients, salmon can improve the skin’s elasticity and keep cell membranes healthy.

For eyes that sparkle, try drinking a cup of green tea every day. Green tea is thought to contain a super-healthy mix of antioxidants that work to fight inflammation and protect the eyes against sun damage, keeping them both healthy and bright.

Instead of spending hundreds on overlays every year, look after your natural nails by eating plenty of curly kale. Kale is a green leafy vegetable which, like most dark green vegetables, is extremely rich in iron. A diet lacking in iron will lead to brittle, ill-shapen nails which look scrubby and inelegant.

Although a healthy, balanced diet should help you to maintain a healthy weight, the lure of sweet treats and fatty junk foods can mean many of us pack a bit of a paunch. To stay fuller for longer, try brown rice, the slow-releasing energy super-food. High in fibre, brown rice promises to keep you fuller for longer so you don’t feel the urge to snack during the day.

No one wants Simon Cowell’s unnaturally pearly grin, but yellowing teeth are equally as off-putting, so chew plenty of sugar-free gum throughout the day for a natural red carpet smile. Gum can remove trapped food and neutralise plaque acids, helping to prevent decay and keep gums healthy.

For more nutritional advice and information on how consulting a nutritionist could help you, please visit Nutrition Topics.  

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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