Cracking open the truth about eggs

Cracking open the truth about eggsAccording to statistics, we Brits eat a staggering 30 million eggs each day, but with health and nutrition eggsperts (please excuse the pun) constantly repositioning themselves when it comes to whether an egg heavy diet is good or bad, it’s time to unscramble the truth.

  • Will eating too many eggs raise my cholesterol?
    This is a hotly contested question in the nutrition field.However, a 30-year study conducted by Bruce Griffin, professor of nutritional metabolism at the University of Surrey found that there is no clinical evidence to suggest eggs could have a significant impact upon cholesterol levels.
  • Can eggs protect my heart?
    There have been numerous studies suggesting that eggs can indeed help to maintain a healthy blood pressure.In addition, a recent study carried out by scientists at the University of Alberta revealed that the raw yolk of an egg contains almost twice as many antioxidants as an apple (though frying or boiling an egg reduces antioxidant levels by about half).
  • Should I limit myself to two eggs per week?
    At one point, nutritional advice recommended that individuals did not exceed two eggs per week, for fear they could contribute to rising cholesterol levels. However, the Department of Health has now said that as long as they form part of a healthy and balanced diet – we can eat as many as we wish to.
  • Are eggs fattening?
    According to the Department of Health, modern day eggs contain approximately 10 per cent less cholesterol, 20 per cent less fat and 13 per cent fewer calories than they did 30 years ago. In addition, a study conducted relatively recently looking at overweight women who had eggs or a bagel for breakfast found that the egg eaters consumed fewer calories in the following 24 hours. Experts believe this may be related to the satisfying and nourishing effect of egg protein.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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