Three healthy ‘cupboard’ foods

Healthy cupboard foodsWhen it comes to stocking up on healthy food it can so often be a case of spending obscene amounts of money on heaps of fresh, colourful and exotic fruits and vegetables – only for them to whither away into an unappetising green sludge at the bottom of the fridge.

To save wasting money and produce – without compromising your health and succumbing to the easy option of the ready meal, we suggest stocking your store cupboard with the following healthy, long-life and relatively purse-friendly foods:

1. Tinned salmon

Salmon is known as an oily fish, which means it’s packed full of ‘good fats’ that can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack. The bones, cooked in the tin until they become soft and barely even noticeable, make tinned salmon one of the most calcium-rich foods available.

Tinned salmon can be used as a staple, bone-strengthening ingredient in fish pies, creamy pasta dishes or spicy grilled fish-cakes. As long as you always keep a spare tin of salmon in your cupboard along with a selection of herbs and spices, you’ll never be out of quick, healthy, cheap meal options.

2. Rapeseed oil

Next time you find yourself reaching for the extra virgin olive oil thinking it’s the healthiest option, think again. Rapeseed oil contains the least saturated fat of any other oil and has 10 times more omega 3 (good fat) than olive oil. It’s reputed to be great for the skin and high in Vitamin E, which is thought to help strengthen the immune system. Rapeseed oil also has a very high ‘smoke point’ (the point at which oil becomes so hot it begins to lose its nutritional value).

As an added bonus, rapeseed is produced in British soil, helping us to reduce carbon emissions and also to support local industry.

3. Balsamic vinegar

No one likes a bland salad, but unfortunately delicious dressings tend to be clogged with fats, sugars, salts and preservatives. As a healthy, cheap alternative, why not try a generous drizzling of balsamic vinegar? With a sweet, rich taste and only 10 calories per two tablespoons, this condiment should become a permanent fixture on every dining table.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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