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Calling all nutritionists – volunteering opportunity

Calling all nutritionists – volunteering opportunity Are you a nutritionist who is looking for a volunteering opportunity?

The Voluntary Service Organisation (VSO) is the world’s leading independent international development organisation, working through volunteers in a bid to fight poverty in developing countries.

The idea of VSO, is that it brings people together from all walks of life to share skills, promote international understanding and action, build capabilities and ultimately to contribute to making the world a fairer place to live in.

As it stands there are around 1,500 VSO volunteers working in over 40 different countries. However, the organisation are in short supply of Nutritionists and are looking to try and recruit individuals to take up voluntary posts in Ethiopia.

The posts would involve working with Save the Children UK to reduce the number of young children and infants suffering from malnutrition.

VSO are looking to recruit up to 3 nutritionists for these special posts, preferably with some experience of treating children and infants who are malnourished over the next couple of months.

Whilst the position is unpaid, it is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity to not only increase your skill set and knowledge, but also to do something fulfilling and to give something back.

If this once in a lifetime opportunity sounds like something that could be of interest to you, visit the VSO website to find out more about available current roles.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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