Fighting flab is a matter of time

fighting flab is a matter of timeEvery organ in our body has a ‘clock’, says U.S. scientist Dr Satchidananda Panda, and we need to pay attention to our clocks if we want to lose weight. 

According to new evidence from studies involving mice, when we eat can have more of an impact on our waist-lines than what we eat. Eating at sensible times throughout the day may promote weight-loss regardless of how big our portions are.

Researchers separated two groups of mice and fed both the same amount of high-fat food every day. However, one group was given a restricted time in which to eat and the other was allowed to graze at will all day.

Researchers found that the restricted group were protected against obesity and suffered less liver inflammation and damage.

Dr Panda explained how each organ works according to a metabolic cycle, causing them to reach peak efficiency at certain times throughout the day. These cycles are essential for a large range of biological processes, including glucose production and the breakdown of cholesterol. “When we eat randomly, those genes aren’t on completely or off completely,” he said

He reflected that modern life may have changed our eating habits. With more food available at all times, we are more likely to snack constantly throughout the day. Staying up late to watch TV programmes can also lead to late-night snacking which further throws the digestive system into kilter. Dr Panda concludes that weight-loss experts need to focus more on timing to help people become healthier, as it could play a more important role than we previously understood.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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