Fad dieting in parents could influence the younger generation, reveals study

A study of 2000 women commissioned by bread company Warburtons has revealed that the average 45-year-old women has been on a staggering 61 diets.

From cabbage soup through to liquid only, some women have tried every dieting trick in the book and have still achieved very little success. However, in their endeavors to reach their desired weight, it has been reported that their fad dieting could be rubbing off on the next generation.

The results of the poll revealed that six out of ten of those surveyed had been asked by their offspring not to feed them foods such as bread, potatoes and fruit – wrongly believing that they are bad for them.

Whilst many diets promote cutting out carbohydrates, removing staple foods such as bread could actually be detrimental for a child.

Around half of the parents surveyed admitted to removing these foods from the diets of their children, without realising that they contained important vitamins in minerals.

For example, more than 85% of those surveyed did not realise that white bread is an excellent source of calcium, which helps to grow and maintain bones.

If you are a parent who is concerned about passing on unhealthy eating habits to your children, you may benefit from consulting a nutrtitionist who could help you to develop interesting and diverse meal plans and suggestions for your family.

Visit our Healthy Eating section to find out more about how to maintain a balanced diet, or use the search tool located on the homepage to get in touch with a nutritionist in your local area.

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