Easy ways to increase your fibre intake

Numerous studies have shown that high fibre foods could help to reduce cancer risk, heart attack risk and high blood pressure as well as helping you to stay feeling full. So what can we do to include more of it in our diets if we don’t always get our daily fill?

Below are some quick and easy ways to integrate some fibre into your day-to-day meal plans:


  • Make your eggs more exciting: Whether you are having them scrambled or in an omelette, adding one-third of a cup of chopped onion and one clove of garlic will add 1g of fibre to your breakfast. Throw in half a cup of cooked broccoli for an extra 2g.
  • Sprinkle flaxseed over your cereal: Two tablespoons of ground flax contains close to 2g of fibre. If your not keen on cereal try stirring this into yoghurt.


  • Substitute your normal bread for rye bread: Whether you are a white bread fan or a bread roll lover, try making your sandwiches with rye bread. Just one slice contains an average of 2g of fibre which is double the amount found in white bread.
  • Stock up on microwaveable soup: These are a much better option than fast food if you need to have a working lunch. There is now a huge variety of tinned soups available that are high in fibre. Soups containing beans, black beans and lentils are usually particularly good.


  • Graze on popcorn: This is much better for you than munching down on a packet of crisps, and there is approximately 8g of fibre in the average sized bag.
  • Keep a fruit and nut mix handy: If you get hungry throughout the day then trail mix or dried fruit and nuts are great for snacking and contain high fibre.


  • Go wild with rice: Wild rice contains three times the fibre than white.
  • Use whole-wheat pasta: Tastes great and contains 5g of fibre on average per cup.
  • Cook your veggies: Eating your vegetables raw means you are losing out on fibre. Cook them and you will take in an average of between 3 and 5g of fibre per serving.

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