Nestle goes natural: confectionary brand removes additives from all products

nestle goes natural removes additives The creator of some of the UK’s favourite treats, including Kit Kats, Nestle Crunch and Smarties, now claims it is the first big-name brand to completely cut out artificial additives from all of its products.

David Rennie, MD of Nestle in the UK said: “This is a significant milestone. Nestle Confectionery and our suppliers have worked very hard ensuring we don’t compromise and we maintain the same quality and taste of all our brands.”

The news comes after research from the Health Focus International claimed that 74% of consumers look for natural products when they browse the confectionary aisle.

Choosing natural products is not only far better for general health, it can also have a positive impact on the environment. To find out more about how what we eat effects the world around us, please visit our page about Eco-nutrition.

View and comment on the original Just-Food article here. 

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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