What do vampires and hypertension have in common?

garlic is unsung heroIt’s small, white, potent and the Mediterraneans can’t get enough of it. Garlic, it seems, is the world’s unsung hero.

Made famous as an anti-vampire aide by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, garlic is now being hailed as one of the most effective natural health remedies. According to the World Health Organisation, we should all be eating at least one clove every day to help keep cardiovascular disease at bay.

Garlic is thought to have been used extensively by the Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago for medicinal purposes, and is commonly found alongside mummified bodies in ancient tombs, including the famous pharaoh Tutankhamen’s.

According to the British Heart Foundation, cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the UK. Author of the upcoming book ‘The Mighty Bulb’, Natasha Edwards says: ‘Garlic, as well as tasting delicious, has many health benefits. Along with lowering cholesterol levels, studies have shown that garlic can also dramatically reduce blood clotting, improve circulation and reduce the risk of thrombosis.’

Garlic is a versatile vegetable and can be used extensively in cooking – the French will vouch for that.

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