Chilean avocado could combat super infections in hospitals

Chilean avocado could combat super infections in hospitalsInfections can sometimes be very difficult to treat in a hospital setting due to super bacteria rejecting the antibiotics patients are given for treatment. However, a substance found within Chilean avocados has been found to prevent this from happening.

According to scientific research, a natural substance that is found in the Chilean rainforest could block staphylococci bacteria’s (super bacteria) ability to reject antibiotics.

This form of bacteria is very difficult to fight off, and is renowned for causing infections in wounds after operations.

However, the a naturally occurring substance found in the Chilean avocado plant has been found to help combat the effects of the bacteria when used in combination with traditional antibiotics.

The researchers who undertook the study and worked on the project found that the substance seemed to break down the defence of the bacteria, allowing the antibiotics to work as they would do if the bacteria were not present.

Whilst this discovery could help to push forward developments in drugs that combat aggressive behaviour of bacteria – the researchers believe the drug industry will not pursue research into new antibiotics as it is currently too expensive in relation to possible earnings.

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