Stay young with green tea

Stay young with green tea, say researchers  According to a recent study, pensioners could drink their way to healthy old age if they trade in their traditional cuppa for a mug of the green stuff instead. 

The group of researchers tracked the health of around 14,000 male and females over the age of 65 for a period of three years. During this time, the experts examined the diet of each participant, including what they drank.

Interestingly, what the researchers found was that the more green tea a participant drank, the less likely they were to develop a disability – 33% less likely in fact (when compared to those who drank less than one cup).

Drinking larger volumes, for instance three to four cups, had an even bigger impact – reducing the risk by 25 per cent.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that pensioners who drank green tea tended to stay more physically active than their peers, and in addition also remained more mobile and self-sufficient.

It is not yet known why green tea has these effects, and whilst by large extracts are considered to be safe – large amounts have been found to interfere with medication that prevents blood clotting.

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