‘Stop being suspicious of mass media’ : the key to health is exposure to advice

Italian researchers have found that increased exposure to newspapers, online articles and nutrition advice increases the likelihood of a person maintaining a healthy diet.

The study took place in the Molise region of southern Italy and involved over 1,000 randomly selected adults. Along with collecting nutritional information from the participants, researchers also collected data concerning the use of mass media.

Study author Marialaura Bonaccio said: “We sought to see whether most informed people had better eating habits than those less exposed to information”.

All participants were required to fill out a questionnaire designed to determine how much time they spent watching television, reading newspapers and browsing the internet.

Individuals who reported a high exposure to mass media tended to eat a healthier Mediterranean-style diet involving lots of fruit and fresh fish, compared to those who were less exposed.

The next stage of the study will be to explore how changes to the way people find information will change their dietary habits. The internet offers a great plethora of conflicting nutritional advice. What effect will this increased exposure have on our health?

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