Brits need two alcohol free days per week, urge MPs

A report from the Commons science and technology committee has recommended that individuals have at least two alcohol free days each week and is calling for a review of current UK alcohol guidelines.

The report, which has been welcomed by many charities and health experts, has said that their are “sufficient concerns” about the current recommendations.

The law currently recommends that men do not regularly exceed more than three to four units per day and that women do not drink more than two to three. In addition, it also states that after heavy drinking individuals should give their body at least 48 to recover.

However, the report is suggesting that the above guidelines appear to endorse daily drinking and have said that two alcohol free days each week would send a clear message that drinking everyday should be avoided.

The report has also said that reducing the limit for older people and pregnant women could be of benefit.

Committee chairman, Andrew Miller, has said that alcohol guidelines are crucial in the governments fight against excessive drinking, so it is vital that they are kept up to date and easy to understand.

Currently many individuals remain unaware of what volume of alcohol qualifies as a unit, which is what the current alcohol guidelines are expressed in.

Alan Maryon-Davis, a professor of public health believes misunderstanding could be part of the current problem. “Broadly speaking [alcohol guidelines] are fit for purpose, but they need a bit of clarification.”

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