Fat chance of us keeping our New Year’s resolutions this year

Fat chance of keeping NY resolutionsGetting fit, exercising more, losing weight and eating healthily top the country’s most popular New Year’s resolutions every year.

It seems the season of excess – spending too much on presents, eating too much food, drinking too much and lying about too much watching Christmas TV – has bought about an epidemic of national guilt.

January is famously the month of austerity. It’s at this time that we all start to asses our lives and wonder where we went wrong. We compile lists of resolutions, promising ourselves that we will get that dream job and lose that excess weight.

According to a survey by Gocompare.com, however, a massive 40% of us will break our resolutions before the end of the month and 87% of us will break them within the next 6 months.

Another poll by bread company Hovis, which focussed specifically on weight-related resolutions, found that New Year diets usually last about 15 days and only 20% of women reach their weight-loss goal.

A worrying 35% put on even more weight than they lost in the first place.

Hovis ambassador Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton told the Metro: “It’s worrying to think that women put pressure on themselves to lose weight quickly and then suffer emotional repercussions if they give up or don’t see the desired results.”

Of the 2000 woman questioned, only one out of five kept to strict diet plans like Dukan and Atkins, which both require followers to cut out certain food groups.

The real key to losing weight healthily, effectively and sustainably, is to eat a balanced diet. Crash diets may provide temporary results, but many women pile the weight back on after a few weeks.

For a healthy, personalised diet plan, you are advised to contact a nutritionist. A nutritionist will help you to reach your goals, whether it be to recover from illness, lose weight or simply to cook nutritious meals. Explore our Nutrition Topics pages to discover how a nutritionist can help.

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