“Margarine just isn’t the same”- panic as butter shortage hits Norway

While the EU struggles with rapidly shrinking economies, increasing debt burdens and drastic austerity measures, Norway, the richest country in Europe, has announced a serious shortage of butter.

Due to a recent fad low-carbohydrate, fat-rich diet, sales of butter in Norway have soared 30%. As a result, a shortfall of 500 to 1000 tonnes is expected to last into January.

‘Don’t buy butter from strangers’, is the advice given to the public by Norway’s food safety authorities. Keen-eyed entrepreneurs are cashing in on extra demand by selling 500g packs for a staggering 350 euros (£294).

The shortage couldn’t have come at a worse time. Tradition calls for Norwegians to make at least 7 different kinds of biscuit at Christmas time.

Even the Danish, who reside just over a narrow sea-channel, can’t do anything to help. Because Norway isn’t part of the EU, import duties remain too high for Denmark to benefit from selling their rich stores of creamy butter there.

That really takes the biscuit.

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Zoe Thomas

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