Even hospitals don’t know where their food comes from

calls for NHS to source local foodToday, a report released by The Countryside Alliance Foundation has revealed that only 14% of hospitals asked knew where the food fed to their patients came from.  

The Countryside Alliance argues that local sourcing is not high enough on the NHS agenda and should be taken more seriously. They are therefore urging the government to introduce a minimum British food buying standards policy for the NHS.

According to the research, 40% of hospital food is sourced from abroad.

The foundation claims that buying from local sources, although more expensive, would have its benefits. The better quality of food could help recovering patients with weak immune systems. Also, the support of local businesses would help boost the economy and meet rising demands of the public for more locally-sourced produce.

British farmers produce some of the world’s highest quality food due to the strictness of nutritional, hygiene and welfare standards.

If you would like to find out more about the health benefits of eating healthy, nutritious food, please visit our Nutrition Topics section.  

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