Britain’s biggest buffet opens- serving 2000 diners a day

The UK’s biggest ever restaurant is set to open on Bristol’s Harbourside tonight.

Designed to resemble a ‘buzzing oriental night market’, Za Za Bazaar is so big that customers will be given a map to navigate the labyrinth of tables and buffet stalls.

There’s nothing remotely intimate or romantic about this eatery- it’s essentially the night-club of eating establishments, with up to 1,000 people rushing to the buffet counters at any one time.

The restaurant is manned by 100 staff serving food from every continent, from pizza, pasta and Mexican fajitas, to Thai seafood and Indian curries. Diners are invited to eat as much as they can of whatever they choose.

If you ever fancy pizza with curry and seafood on the side, then Za Za Bazaar is the place to go. You can also enjoy beers from Poland, pear-cider from Sweden and chocolate fondue with sweets for pudding.

2000 people are estimated to get through a staggering 800 plates, 60 chickens, 60kg of pasta and a whole lorry-load of vegetables every day.

It’s safe to say the emphasis appears to be on quantity rather than quality. A number of test customers left the trial night unimpressed with the food. One diner said:  “I’m not so sure about the quality of the food. It’s more about the experience, I suppose, the night out rather than the food.”

Other diners were worried about the negative impacts Za Za Bazaar could have on smaller local establishments (all of them, then).  Many independent businesses could find it hard to compete with such a large-scale business.

Seven more Za Za Bazaar restaurants are set to pop up across the country over the next 18 months, creating an extra 1000 jobs.

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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