Say goodbye to boxing-day left-overs as turkey prices soar

xmas turkey too expensiveThe rise of grain prices affecting turkey farmers this year has had a noticeable impact on UK supermarkets, with poultry prices soaring.  

As the Christmas season approaches (or peeks, for the supermarkets), our pockets are bound to start feeling the strain. Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a huge, golden turkey taking centre-place on the dining-table, but with prices so high- will we all be able to afford one this year?

A survey by and The Grocer magazine has found that the cost of fresh turkey has increased in percentage by double digits this year.

The Bernard Matthews extra large Golden Norfolk turkey from Tesco has gone up in price by a staggering 16.7% since last year- that’s £5. Similarly, buying a modest sized breast joint from Morrisons will set you back 12.5% from last year, at £4.49 extra.

One spokesman from the British Turkey Information Service (no, we haven’t made this up), says: “Our advice is don’t buy boned and rolled joints; they aren’t such good value for money because those are extra processes you’re paying for.”

You may also try the sneaky approach of bulking your family’s plates out with nice big roasted potatoes and extra veg- they’ll never know!

Christmas can be a difficult and tempting time for those trying to stay healthy. No one wants to forgo minced pies, mulled wine and selection box biscuits! If you would like advice choosing delicious, healthy food this season, you could consult a nutritionist. To discover the benefits of eating healthily, please visit our Nutrition Topics page.

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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