Worried about gaining winter weight?

After a long, warm Indian summer full of fresh strawberries, sunshine and Pimms, thinking of the short days and dark evenings of winter can be a little bleak.

Unless, of course, you consider the toffee apples, the steaming treacle puddings, roast dinners, mulled wine and Christmas chocolates.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to pile on the pounds in winter. The combination of honey-glazed peanuts, Home Alone and a big cosy duvet is just far too appealing to ignore.

But before you reach for the biscuit tin, consider the alternatives. You don’t have to starve yourself this winter, everyone likes to indulge every now and then, but there are ways you can enjoy food without going overboard.

Tasty, healthy Autumnal foods you could stock up on this season include:

Nuts and seeds- ‘Nutrition powerhouses’, nuts are packed full of vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, copper and selenium. Take care though, they are also very calorific. Instead of settling in with a big bag of peanuts, sprinkle a spoonful of seeds into a yoghurt for a tasty, crunchy snack.

Avocado- A single avocado contains more fibre than a wedge of Weetabix. It provides an excellent source of folate and potassium, and their mono-unsaturated fats could improve the cholesterol level in your body.

Beans and legumes- Great for the health of skin and nails, beans and legumes are full of fibre, protein and folate.

Oily fish (including salmon), soybean, rapeseed oils, flaxeeds and walnuts- Omega 3, found in oily fish, helps to lower triglycerides (fatty build-ups) and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Blueberries – described as the ‘ultimate superfood’, blueberries are full of antioxidants and can help lower cholesterol just as effectively as some drugs.

Tea- when you get that 3 o clock tea, cake and biscuit craving, fight it by choosing green or black tea. These contain flavonoids that have good antioxidant properties. Be warned that tea can dehydrate so make sure you drink plenty of water as well.

Greens- Vegetables like broccoli and peas contain a high amount of magnesium, beta-carotene, calcium, potassium and folate. They are also said to contain cancer-fighting and wrinkle-reducing phytochemicals.

If you would like nutritional advice from an expert, you may wish to use the search tool on our homepage to find a nutritionist near you. Alternatively, please feel free to browse our nutritionist topics pages to discover the great health benefits of eating well. 

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Zoe Thomas

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