Fancy a South American? Latin cuisine set to shake up British restaurant industry

south american foodWorld-class chefs are predicting an exciting invasion of exotic South American dishes to UK tables in the coming months.

Food such as cassava cheesebread, caju and churrasco could become as popular as the once exotic Italian lasagne, Greek moussaka or Spanish tapas.

Next month London’s West End and Stratfield’s Westfield shopping centre both host the launch of ‘Cabana’, a Brazilian BBQ created by pioneering restaurateurs David Ponte and Jamie Barber. Two other South American themed restaurants, Ceviche in Soho and Lima in Shoreditch are set to open next year. Birmingham, Newcastle and Sheffield are also opening their arms- and mouths to the newly fashionable cuisine with the launch of numerous South American restaurants in the North of England in the coming months.

Leading chef Ferran Adria, who is making a documentary about the rising food industry in Peru- known as the land of a thousand flavours- said: “Latin America is living through a very important cultural euphoria through its cuisine. In particular, Peru is experiencing socio-cultural phenomena through gastronomy. There is no other country that I know of where this is happening as it is in Peru.”

It has emerged that 8,000 people in Lima are currently training as chefs- a talented work-force that will no doubt help to fuel the South American food fire.

The UK’s Columbian ambassador Mauricio Rodriguez believes that the world is entering the decade of Latin America. In 2010, tourism in Columbia rose by 35% and Rio is now the most visited city in the southern hemisphere.

People are seeking the exotic. They are attracted to the tropical fruits and spicy flavours that South America offers, and the new infatuation can only increase in the coming years. Brazil is set to host the 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic games, which is sure to boost tourism and interest in the culture tenfold.

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