‘Superbroccoli’ hits UK supermarket shelves

Broccoli that contains triple the normal level of a compound that may help to protect individuals against some forms of cancer and heart disease goes on sale in the UK.

Glucoraphanin, which could help to protect the body against heart disease and certain cancer forms, is the compound which makes this broccoli so special.

Beneforte broccoli will make its debut on the shelves of Marks & Spencer stores before starting to appear in other supermarkets in 2012.

British experts at the Institute of Food Research (IFR) and John Innes Centre used conventional breeding techniques as opposed to genetic engineering to develop the broccoli.

Professor Richard Mithen who worked on the project commented:”Our research has given new insights into the role of broccoli and other similar vegetables in promoting health, and has shown how this understanding can lead to the development of potentially more nutritious varieties of our familiar vegetables.’’

UK minister for science David Willetts has called the development a “fantastic achievement”, and hopes it will give UK agriculture and personal health and economy a real boost.

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Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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