Food more important than sex for dieting women

A recent survey suggests that many UK women would rather cheat on their partners than cheat on their diets.

Weight loss company Atkins conducted the study on 1,290 UK females to discover more about the effects of dieting on women’s love lives.

1 out of 4 women admitted that they put more effort into thinking about dieting and weight issues than they did thinking about their relationships.

Over ½ confessed that they thought more about food than they did about sex and more than 1/3 admitted that they thought more about food than their partner.

At the emergence of these results, Atkins chief nutritionist Linda O’Byrn reiterated the importance of incorporating a healthy diet into everyday life without it becoming the most important thing.

Results from the survey suggest that women think so much about their body image that they neglect other parts of their lives.

Linda O’Byrn said: ‘the last thing anybody wants is for their diet to have any kind of negative impact on their life.’

Atkins revealed that women are most likely to start a diet because they are in search of a perfect beach-ready body. In addition, many diets are kick-started by nasty comments. These findings suggest that dieting can be a result of negative or insecure thoughts.

The most important thing is to eat healthily, exercise and cut down on sugar and refined carbohydrate, according to Linda. Losing weight can be fun and can fit in with every day routine.

Women shouldn’t have to sacrifice other important aspects of their lives to achieve that ever elusive ‘perfect figure’.

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Zoe Thomas

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