Scottish University donates money towards creating a healthy eating programme for local people

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) who raised nearly £10,000 after re-launching a 100-year old recipe book, are to donate some of the proceeds in a bid to promote healthy eating in local disadvantaged areas.

The Glasgow Cookery Book, which was re-published in 2009, has made it onto the shelves of many households up and down the country, and contains a number of recipes which have helped to form the basis of modern home economics.

The university recently announced they had raised almost £10,000 from a combination of book sales and donations to the Queen’s College Fund, which was set up to support student initiatives and community-related programmes.

The Caledonia Club, which was set up by the GCU, is aimed at widening community participation and will receive a £4,000 donation from book proceeds in order to help them develop healthy eating programmes for parents.

The club works with families with children from nursery age up until they reach secondary school in some of the more socially disadvantaged areas of Glasgow. The primary concern of the club is to assist children in building key life skills and also to raise aspirations so that individuals are able to make informed choices about their futures.

The pilot of the Cook and Eat project is to take place at Cloan Nursery, situated in Drumchapel, and it will be using both students and staff from the university’s human nutrition and dietetics course to help the project get underway.

Development officer at the Caledonian Club, Rachel Hyslop commented that by offering a programme such as the Cook and Eat project to parents, they are able to reinforce the importance of cooking for health and wellbeing.

Original article, Press Association.

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