Waitrose set to launch new healthy foods range

Waitrose is set to launch a new range of mid-priced ‘nutrient-packed’ products.

The new range, which is to be called ”Love Life” is set to hit the shelves later on this month and will focus on ”nutrient-packed” foods with a new logo which will also be placed on other foods around the store as a way of highlighting their nutritional value.

Marketing director, Rupert Thomas was keen to express that the new line is not a diet brand, but will provide customers with ”a new approach to healthy eating”.

“Usually this area is seen to be about restriction of choice but Love Life is about eating more variety and more of the right things.” Said Thomas.

”Love Life” has been developed after customers complained that they wanted to eat less saturated fats and more whole-foods instead. The range of 270 new products will being hitting the shelves from the 30th June, among which will be a blackcurrant and beetroot smoothie and white bread which is high in fibre.

The range will also have a quarterly magazine, recipe cards and it’s own section of the Waitrose website.

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Emma Hilton

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