Supermarket ‘value’ ranges are just as nutritious as branded products, finds study

Supermarket 'value' ranges are just as nutritious as branded products, finds studyAccording to a study conducted by a student from the University of Ulster, budget ranges from popular supermarkets are actually equally as nutritious as certain big name brands.

Cereals, ketchup, crisps, pizza, sausages, beef burgers, dairy products and baked beans were among the 32 popular foods which were tested. Researchers began by buying both branded and supermarket value versions of all of the foods from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose.

When buying supermarket branded food the researchers opted for the most basic range, for example Tesco Value and Sainsbury’s Basics.

Researchers then went on to test the products for their nutritional value and fat, salt, sugar and calorie content, as well as establishing how many calories shoppers were getting for each pound spent.

The results revealed that although branded meat, poultry and fish dishes were nutritionally superior to own branded products (possibly due to fat content), own-label dairy products and a variety of other kitchen cupboard essentials such as ketchup were found to be more nutritious.

The study also revealed that our perception of certain supermarkets can lead to assumptions that some own brands are more nutritious than others, when this may not necessarily be true. Sainbury’s own branded products for instance were the most nutritional of all own brands, whereas Waitrose, a brand associated with high quality produce, was the least nutritious.

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