Marmite – Denmark’s latest outlaw?

Has Denmark taken the Marmite ‘love or hate’ slogan a little to literally?

According to BBC News, the British Savoury spread Marmite could soon be made illegal in Denmark if it doesn’t meet the safety requirements of the Danish authorities.

By law, the authorities in the country must approve any foods which contain any fortified vitamins and minerals, to assure they are not a potential danger.

Allegedly, a shop selling the product in Copenhagen received a phone call from the Danish authorities asking the owner to remove the product from the shelves as there had been no record of an application for the sale of the product.

A spokesman for the Danish Food and Veterinary Administration said ”We have neither forbidden or accepted it.”

The nutritional checks before the decision is made could take up to six months.

Speaking to the BBC about the possible ban, nutritionist Melanie Brown said that the B-vitamin rich content could mean the ban would be counterproductive.

“Marmite plays such a useful part in many people’s diet, and in my practice it’s incredibly useful for older people…who are short in vitamin B12”. She said.


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Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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