How much do you know about water?

We all know that water is good for us but how much more do we really know about the elixir of life? Read on for some interesting facts.

Drinking on the go

Interestingly almost one third of bottled water is consumed whilst people are on the move, indicating that many people opt for water to keep them hydrated whilst they are on the go.

Keeping hydrated during exercise

On top of the 1.2 litres a day you should be drinking as standard, when exercising the body ideally needs an extra 1 litre per hour of exercise.

Bottled water Vs sweetened soft drinks

Though sales of bottled water are on the up, when they did see a reduction in 2008, 84 per cent of the lost sales went to other soft drinks such as carbonated soft drinks (64 per cent).

Environmentally friendly

Bottled water production has a very low carbon footprint, accounting for just 0.05 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions.

Bottled Vs tap

36 per cent of individuals who buy bottled water do so because they consider it to have an improved taste, with 23 per cent purchasing it for its ‘naturalness’. On average 97 per cent of bottled water not treated with chemicals and is naturally sourced.

The average Briton drinks less than one glass out of the 6-8 glasses they should be consuming daily and the majority of bottled water drunk is in addition to and not instead of tap water.

Rural jobs

Lots of water firms are based in rural areas and provide jobs in communities which really need them.

UK sourced

Approximately three quarters of bottled water is sourced from the UK.

Saving water

With so many people around the world it seems a crime to waste it. Producing just 1 litre of orange uses around 850 litres of water, compared to the few litres it takes to produce a a litre of bottled water.

View the original ITV report for further information about water and sources for the above facts.

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