Green tea can aid weight management and reduce fat accumulation

Research presented in the journal Nutrition Research has revealed that a diet rich in green tea can help weight loss as well as reducing levels of dangerous belly fat.

Animals in the study who consumed the equivalent of between 5 and 8 cups per day were found to have a 5.6 per cent lower body weight than those who did not, and a 17.8 per cent decrease in abdominal fat stores over an eight week period.

The study in question was conducted by a group of Polish researchers who used animals to determine weight loss and fat levels. The animals were fed a diet high in fat over an 8 week period and at the same time drank green tea.

The results of the study indicated that both body weight and fat reduction were dependant on dose, with the best results being achieved when used the 2 per cent extract.

The researchers found that the concentration of the tea is important in achieving optimal weight reduction. In light of the research experts have recommended drinking 6 cups of freshly brewed, non-fluoridated green tea daily to help prevent coronary artery disease, assist weight loss and boost fat reduction efforts.

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