Four apples a day could keep cholesterol away

Researchers have found that apples could help to improve cholesterol levels in women.

Researchers from the Florida State University found that women who ate 75g of dried apple a day for six months saw levels of harmful LDL cholesterol fall by almost a quarter.

In addition, HDL cholesterol (the good kind which wards off hardening blood vessels) rose by approximately 4 per cent, and women lost an average of 3lb in weight despite the dried fruit meaning they ate an extra 240 calories per day.

Researcher Dr Bahram Arjmandi was pleasantly surprised that the apples had such a positive effect, and believes the benefits may be triggered by the anti-oxidants within.

These tests did use dried fruit so in order to obtain the same benefits from the fresh variety, individuals would have to eat four or five a day.

Scientists are now attempting to create ‘extra healthy’ apples with more nutrients than those which are currently on our supermarket shelves. The ‘extra healthy’ apples are expected to be available in four to five years.

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Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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