How to get more protein in your diet without eating more meat

We are constantly being told that protein is key to a healthy balanced diet, but conflicting messages about not eating too much red meat means that many people are unsure of how to get that extra protein. If you are trying to keep down your red meat consumption or simply are bored of revolving your dinners around white meat, here are some great protein rich foods which will keep meal times diverse and interesting:

Quinoa – A great source of protein and fibre, quinoa can be cooked in a similar fashion to rice to have as an accompaniment. Try adding veggies and chicken stock for an enhanced flavour.

Avocado – Though you would have to eat 15 avocados to get the protein content of one chicken breast, make a habit of adding this delicious fruit into salads and meals.

Peas – Protein is present in both fresh and frozen peas so they are great for keeping in the freezer for when you are low on fresh veg. The protein content is about five per cent, and as peas aren’t a complete protein try combining them with chick peas or brown rice and top with grated cheese to get the whole range of amino acids.

Chick Peas – Cheap, low in fat, high in protein. Chick peas are 23 per cent protein. Try mixing with other beans and adding to rice or salads.

Miso Soup – This offers 12 per cent complete protein and also contains isofalvones which can reduce cholesterol and combat hypertension.

Peanut Butter – At 28 per cent protein peanut butter is a great protein source.

Coconut milk and fresh coconut – Both are rich in protein and fibre though be wary of the fat in coconut flesh. Try grating coconut over thai curries and fruit salads and add coconut milk to curries and soups for a fresh flavour and variety.

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